What is led module?

Led(light emitting diode) module means one or more single LED soldered to PCB,then connect one by one through cable.After adaption of PC engineering plastic and epoxy resin make the module waterproof IP68 or injection treatment to make it IP65.

According the difference of led shape,there are through hole led module,superflux led module and SMD led module.By led size difference,the most commen types of smd led module are 3528 smd led module,5050 smd led module,5630 smd led module and 2835 smd led module.

By color the led module can be classified into monochrome led module,rgb led module and pixel rgb led module.Their are white,blue,green,red and yellow color available for monochrome led module.The rgb led module can change colors from one color to another color among the seven colors.The pixel rgb led module also can change colors but it has more colors and can be separated controlled.RGB and pixel rgb led module should be controlled by controller.

By power the module can be classified into low power led module(less than 0.3W),medium power led module(0.3W-0.5W),High power led module(above 1w).high power led module has higher brightness and longer life time than low power led module and it will be a tendency in the led lighting field.

By IP the module can be classified into waterproof led module and non-waterproof led module.waterproof led module are used outdoor and non-waterproof led module are used indoor.

Data sheet of led module.

1. color

2. Voltage.

DC12V is most popular.Before connect to power,make sure the voltage is correct.

3. Working temperature.

It is the temperature when led working normal.The color temperature is usually -20℃~+60℃

4. Viewing angle.

5. Brightness.

It is always the brightness intensity or lumens.

6. IP grade.

When totally exposed outdoor,IP68 is best choice.


8.The Maximum number of modules per chain.

9.Power consumption


It mainly used inside channel letter(acrylic channel letter,plastic channel letter) and signage

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How to check the quality of led module.

What is led module?

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