How to choose high quality flexible led strip?

Flexible led strip is also called led ribbon.This produce like ribbon and the main component is led.We will  introduce how to choose led strip.You can choose from the following respects.

1.the chip type of the led strip.

There are chinese chip,Taiwan chip,American chip,Japanese chip,Germany chip and etc.The price varies according the chip difference.

The most expensive is American chip,then Japanese and Germany chip.Taiwan chip is modest.In the market,most led strip adpot Taiwan Epistar chip and the price ratio is pretty good.

2.The package of led.

The chip can be encapsulated by resin or silicon.The resin package with better price but poorer heat dissipation compare to the silicon package.

3.The color consistency.

LED without spectrophotometer, color consistency is poor, mounted on LED flexible led Strip light effect is not so good after, of course, price is much lower.

4.Check the soldering spot.

Formal manufacturer produce led strip adopting SMD technology,solder paste and reflow soldering.Therefore the solding spots is smooth without much of solder paste and Solder is arc-shaped LED electrode extending from the FPC pads.While bad quality led strip with uneven solder paster and solder point.and the solder point encase the leg like a dot.While there will be varying degrees of Icicle, which is typical of manual welding.

5.Check the quality of FPC.

The are two kinds of FPC,copper clad plate and rolled copper.The Copper foil of copper clad plate is out.You can see from the pad and the joints of FPC

While rolled copper is closely integrated with FPC, can bend without pads off phenomenon.If excessive bending or the temperature is too high ,the Copper Clad plate pad far off.

6.The brightness.

There are much difference in the price between high brightness led and ordinary brightness led

7.Check if the strip is clear enough.

8.Check the package

9.check the label

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How to check the quality of led module.

How to choose high quality flexible led strip?

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