24-Key infrared LED controller

Part No.:KIP24RGB

24-key infrared LED RGB controller is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED.

24-Key infrared LED controller

24-key infrared LED RGB controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on; At the same time, it has many advantages such as convenient connection ,simplicity to use and others. According to the actual need of customers, it can carry out jumpy changing, gradual changing and other effects of change. Total 24 modes for your choice.

Technical parameters

Working temperature:     -20-60℃ 

Voltage:     DC5V、12V、24V

Mode:     20 modes

Output:         3 circuit

Dimension:    L49.5ΧW34.5ΧH22 mm

Net weight:         150g 

Max.load current: 2A each loop

Output Power:5V<30W,12V<72W,24V<144W


Controller dimension:

Remote controller dimension:

Wiring diagram:

Instructions for use:

1. Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can’t occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;

2.Standard color changes as follows:

Brightness +( 16 in all )

Brightness-( 16 in all )



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static orange

Static pea green

Static dark blue

7 color jumpy change

Static dark yellow

Static cyan

Static brown

All fade out & fade in

Static yellow

Static light blue

Static pink

7 color fade change

Static straw yellow

Static sky blue

Static purple

3 base color jumpy


  • When switching to dynamic modes the button of “Brightness +”/ “Brightness -” means the speed of light change is up/ down, there are 100 step in all.

  • The FADE and SMOOTH all have two modes, which are “3 base colors jumpy/7 colors jumpy” and “3 base colors fade/7 colors fade”, you can press one more time to change it.

  • when press FADE and SMOOTH, the “FLASH” and “STROBE” key are invalid.

  • When in the static modes, press the “FLASH” /“STROBE” key, the mode will change to be “ the single color Stroboflash/ Gradual changing”.

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